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Revolution EDA Version 0.6 is released with an integrated circuit layout editor

Revolution EDA version 0.6 screenshot

Huissen, the Netherlands -

A new release of Revolution EDA is now available including a brand-new hierarchical layout editor with GDS export capability, and revamped schematic, and symbol editors. Layout editor uses python-based parametric layout cells. The editor can also create vias and via arrays, paths (Manhattan, diagonal and free-angle), rectangles, polygons, pins and texts.

Schematic editor can now import Spice subcircuits and create symbols for inclusion in the schematic editor. A cell can have more than one cellview such as spice, veriloga or symbol that can be used in the netlisting. The netlisting process can be controlled by a switch-view list or by a separate config view.

Unlike leading commercial EDA systems, netlisting and GDS export process are run as separate threads and do not block the user’s work. A familiar library browser allow the creating, copying, renaming, and deleting libraries, cells and cellviews.

Revolution EDA offers all these and much more for free without any licensing requirements. Anybody is free to use and modify the source code under the terms of Mozilla Public License v2.0 with the exception as with Commons Clause.

About Revolution EDA: Revolution EDA is a leading provider of open-source electronic design automation (EDA) tools. The company’s software is designed to be accessible and customizable, making it an ideal choice for designers and developers of all levels. Revolution EDA is committed to innovation, accessibility, and community, and has built a strong following among users who value these principles.

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Revolution EDA Presentation at IHP OpenPDK WorkshopAll Posts

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